Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session

A video analysis consultation is perfect if you have unanswered questions about why you might have plateaued-off with your performance.

Step by Step

Video Analysis in five steps

  • Introduction

    What is your experience in swimming? What are your goals? Explanation of the session

  • Full HD Filming

    Have your stroke filmed in all it's glory above and below the water from a range of comprehensive angles to best identify where your issues lie

  • Analysis

    An in-depth 20-30 minute recorded review of your stroke will ensue and highlight exactly what issues you face and more importantly, how to correct them

  • Stroke Correction

    Picking out faults is a relatively simple task, knowing how to correct those faults in the most effective and time-efficient way is what sets your coach apart and will ensure a great result for you

  • Training Program

    Once the session is completed, you'll receive a training program to ensure your continued development long after the session is over!


An Individual Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session (approx. 60-70 minutes) costs  € 156.

The Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session takes place in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). Nijmegen is situated close to the German border and is approximately a 75 minutes drive from Amsterdam.

The Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Sessions are scheduled on Tuesday and Friday.

Please use the contact button below to get in touch with us. Note your preference day and time in the contact form.

You can transfer the money by bank to IBAN NL47 ASNB0706823699 (BIC ASNBNL21).